Dairy producers have used
Cocci Blend for their calves to prevent coccidiosis and other bacterial diseases.

"We were losing calves and it didn’t matter what we used to treat them, we would still lose them."  Becky Hammann

"When I started using Cocci Blend we were losing too many calves at 7 to 10 days of age. "
Marty Castleberg

"We feel
Cocci Blend is the best investment in calves, one could make."  Mike Johnson

Cocci 2 gallon
We believe we have the best product on the market and we are willing to send you enough Cocci Blend to treat 2 calves for three weeks FREE OF  CHARGE. Click Here To Get Your Free Cocci Blend


We believe we will have a long lasting business relationship when you see the difference in
the health of your calves.

septic aid picture

If you have a septic tank, we strongly recommend SepticAid, a treatment to help dissolve solids and keep your tank working properly for years to come.

Create Feed Tags With Formulator 4.5 Ration Balancer Software

Formulator 6B

Create Formulas, Balance Rations, and/or Create Feedtags for All Species of Livestock and it is All in One Program.

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Bull Mate


Dairy Genetics Software -CowMatePro

Looking for a way to select the right sire for each cow in your herd and reduce the risk of inbreeding. Check out CowMatePro. Using the aAa method of selection, you can select the right bull from your semen tank at any time or plan ahead when you decide which bulls to put in the tank. It is a great way to save on semen expense.

See the full details of CowMatePro


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